Monday, July 12, 2010

Brainscab Review=Diabolic: Excisions Of Exorcisms

They Are Back! After being on a little hiatus Diabolic slams back into the scene as aggressive and heavy as they ever have been. “Excisions Of Exorcisms”, is now their signature LP for those missing out on true brutal and extreme metal. With a diet of 9 relentless tunes and a revamp back to the original line up with Aantar Coates on drums, Kelly Mclauchlin doing leads, Paul Ouellette vocals and bass and Jeff Parrish to finish up the lineup. Diabolic are primed to dominate the death metal pits with “Excisions Of Exorcisms”, “ Hellish World”, “ Venomous Habitations”, “Evil In Disguise”, “Bloodwashed”, “Entombed”, “Fragmented Kreation”, “Infernal Darkness”, to put into stereo cranked the volume up till you break the knob and get ready to blast your neighbors into the next realm.

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