Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brainscab Review=Serenity Dies: Hacksawcracy

This just shows that every corner of this planet is affected by metal. Coming from Maldives a tropical island in the Indian sub-continent, Serenity Dies blast us with masterful thrash sounds reminiscent of the beginnings.  Being in the vein of Slayer with a cross of Sepultura, Serenity Dies steps up with their second effort in Hacksacracy to get the crowd into a head banging, mosh pit frenzy of double blast beats and chainsaw riffs. “Bullet Reign”, “In Devils Symmetry”, “Blood Serenade”, “Hacksawcracy”, “Psycho Ride”, “Dystopian Law”, are all true new classics in metal that need to be recognized. As a member of the metal under-belly Serenity Dies has the potential to take thrash to the next level.

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