Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brainscab Review=Feel The Pain: Life is Pain and Pain is our Life

A blending of Hard-Core/Death/Brutality of the likes only heard in the depths of the living flames of hell. Feel The Pain is the worms that crawl behind the eyes of the insane bursting forth to consume the victims possessed with hope and the falsities of love. Fifteen blasting demon night rituals laid with varied screams of death and growls of the purity of evil. Matched intensely with multi layered blasts and riffing ripped from the ribs of a soul in never ending torment. “ Intro”, “ Reject”, “Toda Tu Vida”, “Final”, “Corporal Punishment”, “ Dolor”, “IV”, “----Insanity”, “Eman On”, “Verdad”, ”Negative Life”, “No”, “The Hate”, “Mind In Hell”, will leave any on who dares to listen in a blood and sweat drenched puddle of their own un-making. Know that you have experienced “Feel The Pain”.

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