Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brainscab Review=Golden Resurrection: Glory To My King

Liljegren Records
This Progressive Christian metal brings forth the hammer of God. Showing the light at the end of the tunnel that so many desire to bare. “See My Commands”, “Best For Me”, “Glory To My King”, “Never Look Back”, “The Final Day”, “Proud To Wear The Holy Cross”, “Golden Flames”, “Gods Grand Hotel”, “My Creation”, are all for the glory be thee God. Of classic harmonies and hyper blasting beats, Golden Resurrection stays true to form as well as the message that good metal can show the light through the darkness.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brainscab Review=Squash Bowels: Grindvirus

Self Made God Records
“Grindvirus”, “Two Cows and Monkey”, “Oust-Odour Eliminator”, “Wriggler”, “Abhorrently Stinking Rich Man”, “Shit Oneself”, “D.I.”, “Sheep Dag”, “Bacterial Fertiliser”, “Hamsters in Your Head”, “Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Ass”, “Nose-Lunger”, “Child Victims”, “Anodal Closing Door”, are not songs you will hear a purple dinosaur sing. Squash Bowels is the one grind band that you must check out if you only check out one grind band in your life. “Grindvirus”, has all the right elements to be a classic recording for the lovers of the extreme, brutal off the wall metal. Squash Bowels “Grindvirus”, will keep the noise at max out of any play back devices you desire to ruin in your house.

Brainscab Reviews=Hail Of Bullets: On Devine Winds

Metal Blade Records
Showing no mercy or compromise! Hail Of Bullets delivers a mascre of metal that nobody will be left standing after “On Devine Winds” has passed. Making the focus on this effort a little more brutal and a little less Hard-core with “The Eve of Battle”, “Operation Z”, “The Mukdin Incident”, “ Strategy of Attrition”, “Full Scale War”, “Guadelcanal”, “On Choral Shores”, “Unsung Heroes”, “Tokyo Napalm Holocaust”, “Kamikaze”, “To Bear the Unbearable”, bring about a new age of Hail Of Bullets. “On Devine Winds”, weather its your first time to experience the band or you have been following for a while is a must on your current metal want list.