Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brainscab Review=Thyrfing: Urkraft

An extreme mix of Celtic, Death and Dark musings that comes together to form Thyfring. “Urkraft” sends you on a journey of sorcery and nightmares. Of times long forgotten with a darkness that creeps into souls and is laying in wait to rise again. “Mjolner”, “Dryckeskuade”, “Sweoland Conqueror”, “Home Again”, “The Breaking of Serenity”, “Eldfard”, “Ways of a Parasite”, “Jord”, “The Slumber of Yesteryears”, “Till Valfader urgammal”, “Urkraft”, and the classic “Over The Hills and Far Away”, is a well listened to epic journey of Thyfring’s vision. Brought out in the form of “Urkraft”.

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