Thursday, June 25, 2009

BrainScab Reviews = Vociferation Eternity: Best of Vociferation Eternity

Vociferation Eternity: Best of Vociferation Eternity

InterGlobal Music

This best of composition from Vociferation Eternity is taken from four albums For The (2002), Meadow’s Yearn (1999), Ocean Myth (1996), and Brutal All Stars/Tribute To Search. This catalog of sounds has the strength of evolution of the band and their dark progressive sound. Reminding me that even the mostbrutal of music has a range that is still being explored today, Vociferation Eternity is that and more. With aspects of dark, ambiance, progressive and melodic packaged to give just a taste of 15 tunes in 6 years from this band.Vocals born of darkness and screams of a banshee added for effects that will boll you over. Chant Of sadness, Water Lilith, My Angel, Tragedianne, Seeds Of Love, The Die Is Cast, Ambrosia Grace, Irked, Meadow’s Yearn, Vociferation Eternity, Erotical Romanticism, Ocean Myth, The Lake Pauh Janggi, and the lasttwo being covers from the band Search, Metari Merah Di Ufuk Timur and SergalaSegalanya. You will feel the anguish and pain of both loss and love here for allto listen.

BrainScab Reviews = Cowboy Prostitutes: Swingin’ At The Fences

Cowboy Prostitutes: Swingin’ At The Fences


These rockers have pulled there sound straight out of the 80’s metal scene that caused the worlds longest party. Anyone who grew up in the 80’s metal scene
knows that it was fun, blurry and one big rush. Swingin’ At The Fences is all that and much more, they show that a sound is timeless and for those who say “Grow Up” and “That They hated those days” Are full of it. One Listen to Cowboy Prostitutes will bring back a freshness that metal has missed since those lost years. Give this a big listen and feel what is coming back into our sites into the future of metal is just a step back to 20 years ago. LA Guns, Jetboy, and Faster Pussy Cat fans ot to get “Swingin’ At The Fences. Rock ‘n’Roll Jail, Dancing on your grave, Pirate Town, Crime City, Down The drain, Just as long, Travelling Band, Pinpoint Eyes, Rise, Roseline and Mr. two timing.

BrainScab Reviews = Blood In The Wire: Blood In The Wire

Blood In The Wire: Blood In The Wire

Not since ORIGIN has Kansas spawned such a brutal band. Helped in production is none other than Vampire Moose’s own Ryan Pullman. Blood In The Wire like those before them pound you relentlessly with all that is metal. Screams, blasts and hyper speed playing are the trade mark of many of the Greats like Vampire Moose, Fear Factory and Napalm Death. This CD takes all of this with an un-matched technical aspect that melts your brain and shatters your spinal cord. Yes fans of extreme and heavy got to get this. How Stella Got Her Groove Back To The Future, Knifewound, Hater, The Lucifer Effect, I Spit On your Grave, Endless, Doctor Heal Thyself, The Massingil Massacre That Occurred Late One Summers Eve, and Krakkrawk.


BrainScab - Reviews = Auspex: Resolutio

Auspex: Resolutio

Subjective Architecture, Time To Make a Stand, Theater of pain, Lost Academy, Mysteries of the Stars, Phantoms, Celestia, A King’s Crown For A Wealthy Weak and Rise are lead by an angelic vocalist sending the listener into an epic sonic attack of the purest. I could go on all the comparisons of who Auspex sound like but then that would not give justice to the imagery that is being presented on Resolutio. It has all the classic instruments of metal and orchestration of an opera worth every note that explores the inner soul of the listener. If you find your way to your favorite record site ask for Auspex and add this band to your collection of progressive female lead metal.

BrainScab - Reviews - Agora: Silencio Acustico

Agora: Silencio Acustico

Oz Productions

This CD is full of acustico versions and all sung in Spanish. This music is truly universal and can be played in any format at any time. Listing follows as
“Cambio de Aura”, “Seguno Pasado” (Live), “Renacer” and “Refugle Vital”. These four songs can compete with any of the best of acoustic LPs out there. Like some of my favorites done by Tesla “Five Man Acoustic Jam” and anything done by Kansas. Just proving again that if you like to hear a heavy band show you the versatility of their skills “Silencio Acustico” is the CD for you.