Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brainscab Review=Queensryche: American Soldier

If you are into any kind of metal then you already know this band and what they are capable of creating. American Soldier is vintage Queensryche but coming from a rougher edge than the past. Of course the material they are composing fits perfect for the message. Covering in a concept of the war that we as Americans are in right now in Iraq and Afghanistan. I will tell you the truth being a veteran of Iraq and losing buddies to the insurgents this CD brings tears to my eyes every time I give it a spin. This is a solid piece for your complete Queensryche collection or a good start for those not really into Queensryche. “Sliver”, “Unafraid”, “Hundred Mile Stare”, “At 30000 Ft”, “A Dead Man’s Words”, “The Killer”, “Middle of Hell”, “ If I Were King”, “Man Down!”, “Remember Me”, “Home Again”, and the “Voice” will rip at your heart. If it doesn’t then you are not worth my time.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Brainscab Review=Eternal Tears of Sorrow: Children of Dark Waters

One of the coolest things about metal is you never know what you will get when hearing a band for the first time. Eternal Tears of Sorrow is a symphonic force of who brings about all aspects of a band that can play on the world’s stage with the Creation of Dark Waters. This CD has all the showmanship that draws the listener in to their experiences of life’s mysteries and challenges with 10 epic styling’s. “Angelheart, Ravenheart”, “Baptized by the Blood of Angels”, “Tears of Autumn Rain”, “Summon the Wild”, “Sea of Whispers”, “Midnight Bird”, “Diary of Demonic Dreams”, “When the Darkest Night Falls”, “Nocturne Thule”, and an acoustic version of Sea of Whispers can be matched with bands such as Epica and Rhapsody.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brainscab Review=Mar De Grises: Draining The Waterheart

Firebox If you ever take the time to just listen to one new band I would suggest Mar De Grises as that band. When it comes to a full metal sound they accomplish this on their CD Braining The Waterheart. The Reason I this is because of the raw emotional approach they take in making the sound brutal yet enthralling to the ears. The vocals are very harsh and ride the edge between death and black metal but creating a whole new grain of anguish. “Sleep Just One Dawn”, “Kilometros De Grises”, “Deep-Seeded Hope Avant-Garde”, “ Fantasia”, “Wooden Woodpecker Conversion”, “One Possessed”, “Summon Me”, and “Liturgia Convite Y PrefiguraciĆ³nPurgatorioDiĆ”logo Inferno”. Bring a mix of original progressive dark avant garde metal of imagination, terror, hope, and vision. Again I say if you just pick up one new band Mar De Grises I highly recommend.

Brainscab Review=Execrator: The Butchery

With these 10 songs “Darkness”, ‘ Evil Insane”, “T
he Butcher”, “Souls In Flames”, “Burning”, “Face Your Death”, “Scars”, “Swamp Of Blood”, “Sacrifice”, and “Worthless” Execrator’s The Butchery is a Death Metal feast to shred, render and leave a man blood thirsty for more. With all the right parts in place this outfit from the country of Chile will leave you with no more room to doubt that this is one killer effort to bring to the table of metal fans.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brainscab Review=Stormbane: Tortured In the Arms of Salvation

Stormbane is one of those bands that have a little thrash, a little death, a little black and a whole lot of just kick ass metal. Tortured in the Arms of Salvation is one of those CDs that need no real explanation from anyone. Take it shove it in your player and sit back to be mutilated. Be a where of the extremely aggressive style and burn down the house. “ Drudenhaus”, “Withered Martyrs”, “ Ruination Of The Flesh”, “ The Eyes Of Horror”, and “Enter Oblivion” is just a taste to be engulfed into your soul of metal addiction.

Brainscab Review=Slumpark Correctional: F.T.U.N.

If you want a slam in the face metal act then SLumpark Correctional is that act. F.T.U.N. Is a recording that a true in the pit mosh maniac can thrash about destroying all within reach. Being an old school Hard-core crossover dwelling more on the metal side this effort is full of energy and hate that can match bands like Pro-Pain and Agnostic Front. With tracks like “ Nowhere Through”, “ Refuse Resist (Sepulatura)”, “ Fuck The United Nations”, “Lick The Droppings”, and “Sin For Me”, are anthems to be bleed through the speakers of blown out eardrums and smashed faces.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jesse De La O: Count on Me

A.O.G. Media
This is why I got involved with writing a zine and setting up bands to play> Jesse De La O is what the underground is all about, playing most of the instruments on his own with a few quests throughout the CD. This gutter driven fuzz laden rock CD drives the true feeling of emotion to the core of any who enjoy the raw sounds of a true vision of originality. “Death Angel”, “I think of You”, “I Pray for Ya”, “Sacrifice”, “Hard Times”,” Wizard”, ” Streetwalker”, ”Count On Me”, “Sunshine of Your Smile”, and “Would You”. This is the kind of CD that you can start of your Hog and cruise across country, with the wind in your face, bugs in your teeth and a beer in your hand.

BrainScab Review=Lafrontera: Humenace

These Teutonic thrashers fill in the spaces that are missing in today’s thrash world. When you put this CD into the player be ready to mosh like never before and if you are not a mosh type then be prepared to head bang till you damage your spine. Humenace is that type of effort to bring down the house and leave all in a bloody mess in its wake. “The Beginning”, “Ambiguity”, “Bite Of a Snake”, “Controlnation”, “Deserted”, “Diabolic”, “Disbelieve”, “ End OF Fears”, “Follow Me “, “No Land Of God”, “ Serenity”, “Sinister Prophet”, and a Bonus Track “ Yggdrasil”. It is refreshing to know that bands like Lafrontera are still carry on the tradition of true metal of the eighties. Fans of the big guitars and the sound that can blast a local tavern or a 10,000 seat arena must get this CD.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brainscab Review=Stony Broke: Roll The Dice

Over Stage Productions

If its dirty and nitty gritty Rock’n’Roll you are looking for you have to look no further than Stony Broke’s “Roll the Die”. With a sound that will blow your speakers up and leave your ears ringing for a week this is what pure Rock music should sound like. Being in the realm of such acts as Social Distortion, Cluch and I Hate God you cannot make a mistake with this band. Blasting you with these 13 songs “Lazy Bitch”, “Pain in My Ass”, “Keep It”, “Gay Gay Gay”, “King Of The City”, “Roll the Dice”, “Let Me Go”, “You raised me like you”, ‘She’s Toxico”, “Booze”, “ Hippies are un****able”, “**** Liar”, and “Nightmare. Are solid rebel master pieces giving a big ass middle finger to the Pop-Culture.

BrainScab Review=Hacride: Lazarus

Listenable Records
If you are looking for a killer LP that can be added straight to the top ten list of 2009 and beyond Hacride’s, Lazarus is the one. This very solid musically intact master piece is the foundation of what impresses those that are looking for a metal sound that will last through out time. “To Walk Among Them”, “Act of God”, “Lazarus”, “ Phenomenon”, “A World of Lies”, “ Awakening”, “My Enemy” are the 7 tracks that grace this effort of extraordinary creativity of sound. Hacride is a band for the ages and Lazarus just might be their signature.

Brainscab reviews=Infernophonic: Spark It

This band has been a feature to be reckoned with and don’t be surprised to find them on a label soon. Lead by female vocals that can bring out the blues as well as match the best in soul and jazz is the center of what Infernophonic offers the listener. On “Spark It Up” the foundation is the rest of the band and the strength of their song structure and composition. (Its Almost like I know what I am talking about) In the end this is just a damn good LP to listen to from first song to the very last, hope we don’t have to wait for the next release of this band. Anyone Else, Say Whatcha Mean, Middle of the Road, Kamikaze, Take Aim, Thank You, Invisible Slaves, Be Here Now, Hear Me, We Don’t Need It, Yeah Yeah Yeah and Eye of the Jedi are what “Spark It Up” is all about. Give it a listen and see if you don’t agree.