Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brainscab Review=Criminal: White Hell

Massacre Records
Without a match to their equal Criminal’s metal approach is undeniable to ignore by those who have the disease of needing heaviness in the music they love. White Hell will be that fix for those who Jones for a metal diet. Being able to match the riffs of thrash and death into a chemical fix that sustains the endorphins’ of the heavy riff area of the brain creating new wrinkles of the extreme sounds of blast beats, angry growls and solid bass lines. Feel the White Hell of Criminal as it courses through your veins cleansing any doubts that there is a poser in you somewhere. “21st Century Paranoia”, “Crime and Punishment”, “Incubus”, “Black Light”, “The Deluge”, “Strange”, “Mobrule”, “The Infidel”, “Invasion”, “Eyes Of Temptation”, “Bastardom”, and “Sons Of Cain”. These twelve messages of extreme metal will burn the soul as well as the body of any needing a pure metallic fix. Criminal’s White Hell is a cure that needs to be experienced.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brainscab Review=Raining: Pain Machines

There is nothing I enjoy is a well played and somewhat long recording by a metal band. Raining is one of those bands that has taken their “Pain Machines” effort to blast any listener into a Rock’n’metal frenzy matched note for note and riff to riff in high electronic energy. Matched with a high octane vocal attack that froths forward to be counted and delivered as a whole part of the music experience. When you blast these twelve songs through your speakers so the newborns will take notice you remind them why Metal is all about freedom and expression brought to live in Pain Machine a Raining creation. “Turn It Off”, “Pain Machines”, “Enjoy The Hell”, “Silent Sin”, “Mental Power”, “Game Of Death”, “I Want To Live”, “Waiting For Hell”, “Scream For Blood”, “Destroy”, “Eleventh”, And “Legacy Of Evil” clock in at just under 50 minutes giving it all and leaving it on the floor is what Raining has done just for you. I believe fans of Joey Lynn Turner era Deep Purple and Rainbow will take this in as well

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brainscab Review= At War: Infidel

Heavy Artillery
Shawn Helsel, Vocals, Guitars/ Paul Arnold Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar/ Dave Stone, Drums and all things that go BANG!!! At war a three piece thrash band that carries on in the Old School sounds not un-like Motor Head and DRI. On their creation of Infidel they are not trying to change the metal world but destroy those who stand against what is right and true. Taking on the sound of true metal with a touch of punk and a whole lot of attitude Infidel is a LP that leaves one message and one message only victory or death. The track listing goes as follows “Assassins”, “At War”, “and Make Your Move”, “R.A.F.”< “Rape Chase”, “Semper Fi”, “Vengeful Eyes”, ”Vengeful Eyes (Continued)”, “Want You Dead”, These nine tracks will leave you with a motivation to take care of business like you have never done before. At War’s Infidel is a purposeful metal LP gives anyone that is the enemy of Freedom one big middle finger in their face. Crank it up and blast away!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brainscab Review= Lizhard:Lizhard
Luke Marsilio, Paul Mainetti, Luca “Ze” Moroni and Ricky Lecchini straight to the curb Rock’n’ Roll that they will remind you why it’s all about the party. These boys from Italy play like it was the 80’s all over again and like it will never end. “Rock ‘n’ Roll is back”, “Devil’s highway”, “Let the good times roll”, “I cry for you”, “Life in the fast lane (Foreigner cover)”, “Let’s Party”, “Bad to the bone”, “Angel”, “My wild Side”, and “Diamond”, have a glimmer of Dokken, Savage, and Winger while still proven to have just enough of it all to make it their own. Lizhard is here and they like to ROCK!