Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brainscab Review=Warvictims: Domedagen

Crimes Against Humanity Records
14 GRRRRS! 14 Walls of NOIZE! 14 Extreme and BRUTAL!!! Warvictims leaves only carnage and destruction in the wake of their “DOMEDAGEN”.  What we have here is an assault of the extremes in drum blasts, bass beats, guitar riffs, and screaming leads on vocals and strings. Warvictims is an aggressive buss of brutality only the true dare to ride. “Var annalkande domebag”, “Mot undergangen”, “No sign of life”, “ The face of extinction”, “Skarprattarna”, “The aftermath of a nuclear war”, “Kingsforingens vidriga lonsamhet”, “Utplanad”, “Anstormningen”, “Svart regn”, “Ingen lamnades levande”, “Dagens nyheter”, “A glimpse of hell”, “They gave us war”, is the message these Swedish metal d-beat raw artists throw at you cell-dwellers out there.

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