Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brainscab Reviews=Corporate Avenger: Freedom Is A State Of Mind

 Suburban Noise
In a techno world, these techno warriors send a message to the world of protest the status quo and get off your ass and come together in the spirit of unity. Burn your flags, shred your Bibles, Quran and any other holy words of lies. Stand up with a fist of anger in the face of those whole leave us powerless. Be open to what is different and let it be. “Blessing”, “Fault The Police ( I Don’t)”, “Christians Murdered Indians”, “FBI File”, “Taxes Are Stealing”, “The Bible Is Bullshit”, “Voting Doesn’t Work”, “Web Of Lies”, “$20 Bill”, “Jesus Christ Homosexual”, “Pig Is A Pig”, “Drug Dealing God”, “Heaven’s Joke”. With a mix of Marilyn Manson, White Zombie and Kottonmouth Kings, Corporate Avengers “Freedom Is A State Of Mind” is a big middle finger to the establishment of government and religion. Bring it to your table and you judge what side of the table you will stand.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brainscab Review=Gotham Road: Seasons of the Witch

If ever there was a marriage of the Cults sonic attack and the imagination of horror of the Misfits. Then Gotham Road has done it with Seasons of the Witch. But, Wait! Its more than just a clone of the two bands!!! Its an originality that can be found at a cross-roads of the creativity of these bands and more. “Seasons of the Witch”, “Sidewalk Ends”, “Melts Away”. “Say Something”, “Creo Burn”, “Bits of Skin”, “You Awful Me”, “Attack of the Butterflies”, “ On My Way”, “Drain”, “ All the Cars”, “Bits of Skin (Demo)”, “Say Something (Demo)”, “Creo Burn (Demo)”, “Seasons of the Witch (Demo)”, these 15 tunes clocking in at jut under an hour should be listened to in the darkness of a tomb by candle light just before the stroke of midnite. Get the feeling of the classics in horror and dance with the zombies. “Wait!!!” what is that in the shadows? Is it my imagination or something more sinister…you will never know unless you get “Seasons of the Witch”, from Gotham Road.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brainscab Review=Steel Assassin: In Hellfire Forged

When bands make a “COME BACK”, I am very interested in seeing where they are taking us to as a listener. “In Hellfire Forged” Being the follow up to “The War OF The Eight Saints”, Steel Assassin have struck heavier and more towards the original sound from back n the day of the true metal era. “Sparticus”, “Phaeton”, “Crusader”, “Heavy metal Soldiers From Hell”, “Burn Witch Burn”, “Atilla The Hun”, “Executioner”, “Breakout At St. Lo”. These eight tunes being a masterpiece of a journey into the hearts and souls of any as the song “Heavy Metal Soldiers From Hell” tells it like it is.  So I suggest to sit back grab that bottle of Jack Daniels, take a long swig, feel it as it burns down your throat into your gut. NOW! You are ready to spin “Steel Assassin’s”’ “ In Hellfire Forged”.
 ON AN EXTRA NOTE: Steel Assassin is one of those bands that has earned my total and un-dying respect and support. WHile I was serving a tour in Iraq the band sent me their CD "War Of The Eight Saints" and a T-Shirt. That alone shows how much a band supports their fans as well as myself being a fan of STEEL ASSASSIN, So, weather a band or a fan do what you can to support each other. Fans by showing support through purchases or getting to the shows. Bands show your support that no matter what "Leave it all on the stage" or make the best product for the fans you can.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brainscab Review=Robin Trower: Bridge Of Sighs

In my opinion this is the defining LP in Robin Trower’s history as a guitar player that has led many to learn to play the instrument. “Day Of The Eagle”, “Bridge Of Sighs”, “In This Place”, “The Fool And Me”, “About To Begin”, “Lady Love”, “Little Bit Of Sympathy”, is all on this classic LP. If you have never heard his works before “Bridge Of Sighs” is where to begin. With a guitar sound being the cross of greats as “Eric Clapton” and “Jimmy Hendricks”, “Robin Trower” defined his signature sound that fans have enjoyed ever since for years after. And for you that have already have “Bridge Of Sighs” in your collection you can pick up the extended version of this LP at your favorite Records store with some live version of “Day Of The Eagle”, “Bridge Of Sighs”, “Too Rolling Stoned”, “Lady Love”, and “Little Bit Of Sympathy”.