Monday, December 21, 2009

Brainscab Review=Marc Ferreira: Working Overtime

What I really like about getting independent music in the mail is I never know what to expect. Marc Ferreira is a do it all type of musician doing everything on “Working Overtime”, except the drums who he left the load to leo Pagani. With the talents to match Eric Johnson in all aspects of musicianship (Keyboards, Bass, Guitar and Vocals) and songmanship, Marc is going to blaze his own path in the guitar and production master realm. “Let It Die”, “Bad Girl”, “Lazy”, “Paper Cut”, “Ordinary Life”, “Nobody’s Happy”, “Nr, Bad Deal”, “I’m Waiting”, “Sleeping On The Couch”, and “Working Overtime” will inspire those who enjoy a musician with all the tools to do a complete recording from beginning to end. “Working Overtime”, is on par with the fore mention Eric Johnson, as well as more contemporary artist Brian Adams and the super group Bon Jovi. For the guitar work alone this is worth a listen, but what will stick to the listener is the completeness that inspires the soul.

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