Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brainscab Review=Robin Trower: Bridge Of Sighs

In my opinion this is the defining LP in Robin Trower’s history as a guitar player that has led many to learn to play the instrument. “Day Of The Eagle”, “Bridge Of Sighs”, “In This Place”, “The Fool And Me”, “About To Begin”, “Lady Love”, “Little Bit Of Sympathy”, is all on this classic LP. If you have never heard his works before “Bridge Of Sighs” is where to begin. With a guitar sound being the cross of greats as “Eric Clapton” and “Jimmy Hendricks”, “Robin Trower” defined his signature sound that fans have enjoyed ever since for years after. And for you that have already have “Bridge Of Sighs” in your collection you can pick up the extended version of this LP at your favorite Records store with some live version of “Day Of The Eagle”, “Bridge Of Sighs”, “Too Rolling Stoned”, “Lady Love”, and “Little Bit Of Sympathy”.

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