Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brainscab Review=Manilla Road: Voyager

This review is a long time in coming. For those who know Manilla Road will be familiar with this classic band. You will also be treated with some of the Original sound of the early albums of Through The Gates” and “Courts of Chaos”. You will also be treated with some new progression of the band on Voyager. Always Epic but sometimes Majestic with these nine tunes, “Tomb Of The Serpent King-Butchers Of The Sea”, “Frost and Fire”, “Tree Of Life”, “Blood Eagle”, “Voyager”, “Eye of the Storm”, “Return of the Serpent King”, “Conquest “, and “Totentanz (The Dance of Death)”, you are treated with one of the greatest bands only known through the “Word of Mouth”. If you are ready for a new Epic adventure our want to continue riding the Manilla Road wave this is the newest to add to any collection.

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