Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brainscab Review=Echoes Of Fear: Forgotten Past

In the Forgotten Past is a memory of Echoes OF Fear that leaves the Victim to Choke on the Isolation that is Inside the Hate imagining that The Black Hand of Reality will gain Another Scar from Death Warmed Over to the Skitoma in the lost soul of a broken mind. Now that I have described to you Echoes of Fear’s, Forgotten Past you must request this darkened recording at your favorite local record stores. With its angelic female vocals leading the melodic onslaught by Melissa Evett an pummeled with the beast meets beauty growls of Brian King who also shares guitar duty with Alvin Gatewood. With this duo guitar attack of riffs plus leads, supported by Orion Mente on drums and Dave Hammestone on bass, you get a complete sonic effort of imagination as well as imagery that is on par to be something special. With all the bands bringing about this Female harmonies and monster growls Echoes Of Fear stands alone and UN parallel in the industry of metal. I suspect that their future is very Bright! Fans of “Battle Lord”, “Forgotten Past” are a must in your collection.

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  1. Does this band has aonther relelases or pred-releases befor this?
    and is this the correct track-list