Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brainscab Review=Queensryche: American Soldier

If you are into any kind of metal then you already know this band and what they are capable of creating. American Soldier is vintage Queensryche but coming from a rougher edge than the past. Of course the material they are composing fits perfect for the message. Covering in a concept of the war that we as Americans are in right now in Iraq and Afghanistan. I will tell you the truth being a veteran of Iraq and losing buddies to the insurgents this CD brings tears to my eyes every time I give it a spin. This is a solid piece for your complete Queensryche collection or a good start for those not really into Queensryche. “Sliver”, “Unafraid”, “Hundred Mile Stare”, “At 30000 Ft”, “A Dead Man’s Words”, “The Killer”, “Middle of Hell”, “ If I Were King”, “Man Down!”, “Remember Me”, “Home Again”, and the “Voice” will rip at your heart. If it doesn’t then you are not worth my time.

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