Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jesse De La O: Count on Me

A.O.G. Media
This is why I got involved with writing a zine and setting up bands to play> Jesse De La O is what the underground is all about, playing most of the instruments on his own with a few quests throughout the CD. This gutter driven fuzz laden rock CD drives the true feeling of emotion to the core of any who enjoy the raw sounds of a true vision of originality. “Death Angel”, “I think of You”, “I Pray for Ya”, “Sacrifice”, “Hard Times”,” Wizard”, ” Streetwalker”, ”Count On Me”, “Sunshine of Your Smile”, and “Would You”. This is the kind of CD that you can start of your Hog and cruise across country, with the wind in your face, bugs in your teeth and a beer in your hand.

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