Friday, September 4, 2009

Brainscab Review=Affliction: Execution is Necessary

Would you like some sweat thrash metal? Then “Execution is Necessary” by Affliction is a must have. These hellions from Turkey understand what it’s like to be on the wrong side of things coming from a part of the world that is in constant strife. Blasting you with these 13 songs, “Retribution”, “The End”, “Palaces Of Hell”, “The Question”, “Hollow”, “The Cause”, “New World”, “WWW”, “Dark Side Of Creation”, “Raven”, “Promised Land”, “Chaos of Two Thousands”, and “Sweet Darkness”, will leave even the strongest of us sweating and bleeding in a wasted mass on the floor. Affliction is a force that has the power to cleanse the world of strife and conflict by destroying anyone in their path. You must experience the life changing “Execution is Necessary”.

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