Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brainscab Review=Stony Broke: Roll The Dice

Over Stage Productions

If its dirty and nitty gritty Rock’n’Roll you are looking for you have to look no further than Stony Broke’s “Roll the Die”. With a sound that will blow your speakers up and leave your ears ringing for a week this is what pure Rock music should sound like. Being in the realm of such acts as Social Distortion, Cluch and I Hate God you cannot make a mistake with this band. Blasting you with these 13 songs “Lazy Bitch”, “Pain in My Ass”, “Keep It”, “Gay Gay Gay”, “King Of The City”, “Roll the Dice”, “Let Me Go”, “You raised me like you”, ‘She’s Toxico”, “Booze”, “ Hippies are un****able”, “**** Liar”, and “Nightmare. Are solid rebel master pieces giving a big ass middle finger to the Pop-Culture.

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