Friday, August 21, 2009

Brainscab Review=Eternal Tears of Sorrow: Children of Dark Waters

One of the coolest things about metal is you never know what you will get when hearing a band for the first time. Eternal Tears of Sorrow is a symphonic force of who brings about all aspects of a band that can play on the world’s stage with the Creation of Dark Waters. This CD has all the showmanship that draws the listener in to their experiences of life’s mysteries and challenges with 10 epic styling’s. “Angelheart, Ravenheart”, “Baptized by the Blood of Angels”, “Tears of Autumn Rain”, “Summon the Wild”, “Sea of Whispers”, “Midnight Bird”, “Diary of Demonic Dreams”, “When the Darkest Night Falls”, “Nocturne Thule”, and an acoustic version of Sea of Whispers can be matched with bands such as Epica and Rhapsody.

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