Sunday, August 2, 2009

BrainScab Review=Lafrontera: Humenace

These Teutonic thrashers fill in the spaces that are missing in today’s thrash world. When you put this CD into the player be ready to mosh like never before and if you are not a mosh type then be prepared to head bang till you damage your spine. Humenace is that type of effort to bring down the house and leave all in a bloody mess in its wake. “The Beginning”, “Ambiguity”, “Bite Of a Snake”, “Controlnation”, “Deserted”, “Diabolic”, “Disbelieve”, “ End OF Fears”, “Follow Me “, “No Land Of God”, “ Serenity”, “Sinister Prophet”, and a Bonus Track “ Yggdrasil”. It is refreshing to know that bands like Lafrontera are still carry on the tradition of true metal of the eighties. Fans of the big guitars and the sound that can blast a local tavern or a 10,000 seat arena must get this CD.

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