Monday, July 12, 2010

Brainscab Review=Diabolic: Excisions Of Exorcisms

They Are Back! After being on a little hiatus Diabolic slams back into the scene as aggressive and heavy as they ever have been. “Excisions Of Exorcisms”, is now their signature LP for those missing out on true brutal and extreme metal. With a diet of 9 relentless tunes and a revamp back to the original line up with Aantar Coates on drums, Kelly Mclauchlin doing leads, Paul Ouellette vocals and bass and Jeff Parrish to finish up the lineup. Diabolic are primed to dominate the death metal pits with “Excisions Of Exorcisms”, “ Hellish World”, “ Venomous Habitations”, “Evil In Disguise”, “Bloodwashed”, “Entombed”, “Fragmented Kreation”, “Infernal Darkness”, to put into stereo cranked the volume up till you break the knob and get ready to blast your neighbors into the next realm.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brainscab Review=Feel The Pain: Life is Pain and Pain is our Life

A blending of Hard-Core/Death/Brutality of the likes only heard in the depths of the living flames of hell. Feel The Pain is the worms that crawl behind the eyes of the insane bursting forth to consume the victims possessed with hope and the falsities of love. Fifteen blasting demon night rituals laid with varied screams of death and growls of the purity of evil. Matched intensely with multi layered blasts and riffing ripped from the ribs of a soul in never ending torment. “ Intro”, “ Reject”, “Toda Tu Vida”, “Final”, “Corporal Punishment”, “ Dolor”, “IV”, “----Insanity”, “Eman On”, “Verdad”, ”Negative Life”, “No”, “The Hate”, “Mind In Hell”, will leave any on who dares to listen in a blood and sweat drenched puddle of their own un-making. Know that you have experienced “Feel The Pain”.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brainscab Review=Imicus: Animal Factory

Transcend Records
“Animal Factory”, “ Visceral”, “Inveigle”, “An Isolation Dawn”, “ The Butterfly Effect”, “Wither”, “Killer Lies”, “Veiled Oedema”, “Keep Your Halo”, The Icarus Principle”, are all you need to feel the complete anguish of a emotionally charged new age of metal. Imicus delivers the goods as a heavy laden killer EMO metal band with a progressive and epic tide of tempo changes and bridges. With “Animal Factory” the band lets you experience the full of effect of their charged up sound. Imicus is the real deal and will make a believer out of any skeptics of new metal.

Brainscab Review=Serenity Dies: Hacksawcracy

This just shows that every corner of this planet is affected by metal. Coming from Maldives a tropical island in the Indian sub-continent, Serenity Dies blast us with masterful thrash sounds reminiscent of the beginnings.  Being in the vein of Slayer with a cross of Sepultura, Serenity Dies steps up with their second effort in Hacksacracy to get the crowd into a head banging, mosh pit frenzy of double blast beats and chainsaw riffs. “Bullet Reign”, “In Devils Symmetry”, “Blood Serenade”, “Hacksawcracy”, “Psycho Ride”, “Dystopian Law”, are all true new classics in metal that need to be recognized. As a member of the metal under-belly Serenity Dies has the potential to take thrash to the next level.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brainscab Review=Thyrfing: Urkraft

An extreme mix of Celtic, Death and Dark musings that comes together to form Thyfring. “Urkraft” sends you on a journey of sorcery and nightmares. Of times long forgotten with a darkness that creeps into souls and is laying in wait to rise again. “Mjolner”, “Dryckeskuade”, “Sweoland Conqueror”, “Home Again”, “The Breaking of Serenity”, “Eldfard”, “Ways of a Parasite”, “Jord”, “The Slumber of Yesteryears”, “Till Valfader urgammal”, “Urkraft”, and the classic “Over The Hills and Far Away”, is a well listened to epic journey of Thyfring’s vision. Brought out in the form of “Urkraft”.