Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brainscab Review=Imperial Vengence: Death, August & Royal

Edward Alexander and David Bryan!!! Remember these two names for they have developed an intense British extreme metal hammer to smash the eardrums of the listener. With melodic and dark metallic sounds incorporated in songs lie"6th Airborne Division", "Aristocratic Sex magic", " The Shadow Of The Crescent", "CWN AWWN", and "7 Gates Of Hell". You will be hooked into these two's vision of a British world that you thought did not exist. They also have 3 feature videos to go along with the songs to complete with a visual stimulus as well. With a Braum Stoker vampire like sense of a WWII, European industrial age message that can not be denied its powerful message. This heavy and dark melodic duo are at the gates inviting you in...


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