Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brainscab Review=Criminal: White Hell

Massacre Records
Without a match to their equal Criminal’s metal approach is undeniable to ignore by those who have the disease of needing heaviness in the music they love. White Hell will be that fix for those who Jones for a metal diet. Being able to match the riffs of thrash and death into a chemical fix that sustains the endorphins’ of the heavy riff area of the brain creating new wrinkles of the extreme sounds of blast beats, angry growls and solid bass lines. Feel the White Hell of Criminal as it courses through your veins cleansing any doubts that there is a poser in you somewhere. “21st Century Paranoia”, “Crime and Punishment”, “Incubus”, “Black Light”, “The Deluge”, “Strange”, “Mobrule”, “The Infidel”, “Invasion”, “Eyes Of Temptation”, “Bastardom”, and “Sons Of Cain”. These twelve messages of extreme metal will burn the soul as well as the body of any needing a pure metallic fix. Criminal’s White Hell is a cure that needs to be experienced.

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