Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brainscab Review= Moire: Public Execution

Everyone says that Florida has the best Death metal! Well I believe that the boys from Moire are at the tip of the spear of a Death Metal revolution happening in the Kansas City area. Yes both Kansas and Missouri has a group of Death Metal that is taking what we know of it to a whole new level. Moire’s “Public Execution” is a prime example of the aggressiveness of what to expect from the next generation. Not sitting ideally by the old school of metal and riding that wave but starting their own wave and riding it high. “Bleeding Wrists”, “Force-Fed”, “The Need to Die”, “Red”, “Wooden Hate God”, and “Public Execution”, is just a part of the revolution of Death Metal and it is coming out of the Tornado Alley of America with a sound to match the awesome destruction of nature. If looking for a unique and refreshing take on The extreme of metal then Moire is that extreme.

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