Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brainscab Review=Seventh Star: Dead End

Once a long time ago when I was a kid I was outside playing with my friends when a pick-up truck with a camper turned down our street. Well we were in the street at the time playing and got out of the way and right when we did the left rear tire completely flew off the truck. Well when that happened the axel bit the cement of the street and sent sparks flying everywhere, the thing that really sticks out was the grinding noise of iron hitting cement and the total violence of that action. Seventh Star’s “Dead End” reminds me of that moment in time with a controlled vengeance. “Intro”, “Take I Bake”, “I Quit”, “Thick and Thin”, “Everyday”, “In The Lie Of The Beholder”, “Bondservant”, “Coldest Day”, “Game Over”, “Blood Money”, and the title Track “ Dead End” Will bring you into the age of newer metal of a mix of power filled riffs in the Hard-core fashion dwelling a little bit on the thrash side of metal. If I had to compare these guys it would be between Pissing Razors, Pantara and Pro-Pain that leaves them not like them but in that vein. Dead End will bring down the house in a mosh storm of bodies leaving its mark on any who dare.

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