Monday, November 23, 2009

Brainscab Review=Anvil: This Is Thirteen

Anvil is one of those bands that has always kept the fun in metal. Proving that three men can still rock with the best of them after so many years of being at what I have always thought of as being the fore front of metal. “This Is Thirteen” proves that traditional straight up raw thrash is king of the stage as Anvil throws at you 14 new metal anthems. “This Is Thirteen”, “Bombs Away”, “Burning Bridges”, “Ready To Fight”, “Flying Blind”, “Room #9”, “Axe To Grind”, ‘Feed The Greed”, “ Big Business”, “Should’ a Would’ a Could’ a”, “Worry”, “Game Over”, “American Refugee”, and “ Thumb Hang”. Those that are fans of Anvil you already have this LP, those who are not sure I recommend “This Is Thirteen”, is as good a place as any to start your collection.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brainscab Review= Moire: Public Execution

Everyone says that Florida has the best Death metal! Well I believe that the boys from Moire are at the tip of the spear of a Death Metal revolution happening in the Kansas City area. Yes both Kansas and Missouri has a group of Death Metal that is taking what we know of it to a whole new level. Moire’s “Public Execution” is a prime example of the aggressiveness of what to expect from the next generation. Not sitting ideally by the old school of metal and riding that wave but starting their own wave and riding it high. “Bleeding Wrists”, “Force-Fed”, “The Need to Die”, “Red”, “Wooden Hate God”, and “Public Execution”, is just a part of the revolution of Death Metal and it is coming out of the Tornado Alley of America with a sound to match the awesome destruction of nature. If looking for a unique and refreshing take on The extreme of metal then Moire is that extreme.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brainscab Review=Seventh Star: Dead End

Once a long time ago when I was a kid I was outside playing with my friends when a pick-up truck with a camper turned down our street. Well we were in the street at the time playing and got out of the way and right when we did the left rear tire completely flew off the truck. Well when that happened the axel bit the cement of the street and sent sparks flying everywhere, the thing that really sticks out was the grinding noise of iron hitting cement and the total violence of that action. Seventh Star’s “Dead End” reminds me of that moment in time with a controlled vengeance. “Intro”, “Take I Bake”, “I Quit”, “Thick and Thin”, “Everyday”, “In The Lie Of The Beholder”, “Bondservant”, “Coldest Day”, “Game Over”, “Blood Money”, and the title Track “ Dead End” Will bring you into the age of newer metal of a mix of power filled riffs in the Hard-core fashion dwelling a little bit on the thrash side of metal. If I had to compare these guys it would be between Pissing Razors, Pantara and Pro-Pain that leaves them not like them but in that vein. Dead End will bring down the house in a mosh storm of bodies leaving its mark on any who dare.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brainscab Review= The Element: Mind Sludge

This is probably in my experience in the metal world the best kept secret that has not been signed to a label. Rafa and Co. have a masterpiece that any true fan of metal needs to get their hands on. Being very heavy on the instrumentation in accordance to the progressive nature of metal for the listener to enjoy and share to the world. “Climbing Up The Stairs”, “City Of Angels”, “Pentatonic Rain”, “One Way Part I”, “One Way Part II”, “Thoughts”, “Breaking Chains”, “Same What”, “The Truth In The Eyes”, “Winds Of Autumn”, “Seventh Day”, “Utopia Part I”, and “Utopia Part II”, will send you on a journey that reminds me of some of the guitar masters that I grew up with. (Toney Malcalpine and Vinnie Moore, just to name a couple) Being majestic as well as dramatic in nature this first effort from The Element will enthrall all listeners and I do believe becomes a fan instantly. (Just Like I did my first listen)

As an extra bonus there are two covers as well that are very hard to find but I got them when I received theses recording. “Kashmir” the Led Zeppelin classic and in my opinion the best version I have ever heard as a cover for a song. “Flight of Icarus” The Iron Maiden Classic that will go great with any fans collection of covers.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brainscab Review=Imperial Vengence: Death, August & Royal

Edward Alexander and David Bryan!!! Remember these two names for they have developed an intense British extreme metal hammer to smash the eardrums of the listener. With melodic and dark metallic sounds incorporated in songs lie"6th Airborne Division", "Aristocratic Sex magic", " The Shadow Of The Crescent", "CWN AWWN", and "7 Gates Of Hell". You will be hooked into these two's vision of a British world that you thought did not exist. They also have 3 feature videos to go along with the songs to complete with a visual stimulus as well. With a Braum Stoker vampire like sense of a WWII, European industrial age message that can not be denied its powerful message. This heavy and dark melodic duo are at the gates inviting you in...