Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brainscab Review=Raining: Pain Machines

There is nothing I enjoy is a well played and somewhat long recording by a metal band. Raining is one of those bands that has taken their “Pain Machines” effort to blast any listener into a Rock’n’metal frenzy matched note for note and riff to riff in high electronic energy. Matched with a high octane vocal attack that froths forward to be counted and delivered as a whole part of the music experience. When you blast these twelve songs through your speakers so the newborns will take notice you remind them why Metal is all about freedom and expression brought to live in Pain Machine a Raining creation. “Turn It Off”, “Pain Machines”, “Enjoy The Hell”, “Silent Sin”, “Mental Power”, “Game Of Death”, “I Want To Live”, “Waiting For Hell”, “Scream For Blood”, “Destroy”, “Eleventh”, And “Legacy Of Evil” clock in at just under 50 minutes giving it all and leaving it on the floor is what Raining has done just for you. I believe fans of Joey Lynn Turner era Deep Purple and Rainbow will take this in as well

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