Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brainscab Review= Lizhard:Lizhard
Luke Marsilio, Paul Mainetti, Luca “Ze” Moroni and Ricky Lecchini straight to the curb Rock’n’ Roll that they will remind you why it’s all about the party. These boys from Italy play like it was the 80’s all over again and like it will never end. “Rock ‘n’ Roll is back”, “Devil’s highway”, “Let the good times roll”, “I cry for you”, “Life in the fast lane (Foreigner cover)”, “Let’s Party”, “Bad to the bone”, “Angel”, “My wild Side”, and “Diamond”, have a glimmer of Dokken, Savage, and Winger while still proven to have just enough of it all to make it their own. Lizhard is here and they like to ROCK!

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