Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brainscab Review= Headhunter: Parasite of Society

This review is long over-due!!! This Headhunter from Germany gives you all that are metal from the country of Teutonic knights. As their metal fore-fathers Accept and the Scorpions, Headhunter has that raw emotion driven sound that only comes with the German twist. Of course that being said this band is headed by non-other than Schmeir (Bass and Vocals) of Destruction fame so you just know that Parasite of Society is going to be one killer LP. With the help of Schmuddel (Guitar and Backing Vocals) from the classic metal band Talon and on Drums Jorg Michael who has played in band like Stratovarius, Saxon and Running Wild gives you a metal experience worth every nickel, dime and quarter you can dig up to purchase this metal anthem. “3rd Man Introduction”, “Parasite of Society”, “Silverskull”, “ Remission”, “Doomsday For The Prayer”, “18 And Life (Skid Row cover)”, “Read My Lips”, “Backs To The Wall”, “Egomaniac”, “The Calling”, “Payback Time”, and “Rapid Fire (Judas Priest cover)” gives the listener a full range of metal to experience.

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