Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brainscab Review= Raptor: Nothing but Rage

Myself being a product of the 80’s metal scene and having an addiction to the metal sounds from that era you cannot flat me for comparing Raptor to some of those bands from that time. Some of those bands are the Lost and Flies on fire, but it doesn’t stop there because that is only the more rock sound that Raptor presents on “Nothing but Rage”. Of course sense the words are a mix of English and of their native tongue this band from Chile give a listener a mix of sonic blasts unique to the ear. But the major feel that I at least get from this effort is of a progressive heavy rock with a hint of death that is musically interesting as well as intense. “ Coleflecha”, “ Rituales Celestiales”, “ Rising Future”, “ Nothing but Rage”, “ Should I care For Me”, “Seed of Insania”, “ My Own”, “Some Other Life”, “ The Thing”, “ Xcso”, is the play list for Raptors, “ Nothing but Rage”. Get it play it you will not regret it.

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