Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brainscab Review=Molly Hatchet: Justice

What can I say about these southern rockers that has not already been said. But, that is still not going to stop me from trying. Molly Hatchet has set the standard for the double guitar attack that so many bands have emulated throughout these classic rockers many years of cranking out quality and inspiring music. Justice is just another example why Molly Hatchet is at the top of the mountain of southern influenced rock. “Been to heaven Been to hell”, “Safe in my skin”, “Deep water”, “American pride”, “I’m gonna live til I die”, “Fly on the wings of angels (somers song)”, “As heaven is forever”, “Tomorrows and forevevers”, “Vengeance”, “In the darkness of the night”, “Justice”, just shows that Bobby Ingram, Phil McCormack, Dave Hlubek, John Galvin, Tim Lindsey and Shawn Beamer still can bring a solid and fresh sound to an everlasting sound that they helped create. This is MOLLY HATCHET!!!!

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