Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brainscab Review=Bone Ritual: Demo

Like a grenade in a paper bag, when it goes off nothing but destruction of the surroundings. What happened to the bag? Is it dust? Is it transformed to another form? We may never know… “Attend to the Signs” is the bag during the violence of the explosion, raw, flames, shreds, and finally gone. “Tools to See”  is the grenade that goes off with such force and impact nothing can exist in its destructive path. “Pilgrimage of Woe” is the end the air is gone the dust and debris is still settleing and the screams are still very far off. “Bone Ritual” is in the rawest form of dark metal. With just two members in this creation “Strep Cunt”, Vocals, Bass, Vocals… “Baron Von Gonkulator”, Drums… This is as down tuned as a band can get it…so enjoy!

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