Thursday, June 3, 2010

Brainscab Review=My Own Grave: Necrology

Those who stand “Awaiting Death” are forever in the plight of “Necrology”! “Hail The Blind” as “None Shall See” when the dark “Disciples Of War” bring plagues of angels to a wingless meridian. When the dying receive the “Cerecloth” having the “Bloodline Broken” of ancient disease shall be “Exhumed To Be Buried” as the followers of the “Age Of Torment” march upon the people. What of the youth of tomorrow feel the “Carnal Revelations” of those that believe that all that is left is “Incineration” of the unholy soul. This is “My Own Grave” that brings the screams, no…. the terror of “Necrology” to those only willing to hear, feel, and experience the word that is brought fourth. This is extreme at its best for those only… that believe in extreme.

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