Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brainscab Review=Lords of the Trident: Death or Sandwich

On the verge of being a lot of things metal Lords of the Trident have one of those sounds that could mix in with Progressive, Power and Hair Metal from around the world. Playing catchy guitar driven riffs and leads with a support cast of a solid foundation of rhythms from the bass and drums. With powerful well ranged lead vocals that make the listener want to sing a long trying to reach the high pitch screams reminiscent of Don Dokken. “The Robot’s Revenge”, “The Virgin Vault”, “Heart in the Fire”, “Cliffs of Desolation”, “Alone in Cole Hell”, “The Road”, “The Barbarian Horde”, “Terminated 1”, “Rapeshore”, “Evil Heights”, “Heart of a Lion”, and “Street Lights”, make up the blasting Heavy Metal from “Death or Sandwich” with a good time, fun time lets hang out with our metal brethren sound. Asian Metal (Lead Guitar), Capt. Bluddbeard (Lead Bass), Fang VonKillenstein (Lead Vocals), Killius Maximus (Lead Guitar), and Korgoth (Lead Drums), you would think this be more like a Viking metal sound, but if I had to compare the sound I would have to say if you are a fan of the afore mentioned Dokken of even the monster guitar attack of T’N’T then this is a must have to carry on the sound of metal.

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