Monday, May 3, 2010

Brainscab Review=Low Twelve: Splatter Pattern

This is by far the most aggressive and intense effort by the masters of atrocities and serial killers. Low Twelve has taken the next step in their evolution of metal madness. Splatter Pattern is what I believe is the step for Low Twelve to become a cellar known name to all the faith full of metal. So get out your chains, your handcuffs, strap the posers to the table, get your surgical tools ready for “Stains”, “Splatter Pattern”, “Bodies In My Pocket”, “A Hero’s Last Stand”, “Hand Of The Dying”, “Bind Torture Kill”, “Scourge”, “A Witness TO Carnage”, “Mountains Of The Dead”, “Not Forgotten”, “Defiance To The End”, “Fire For Effect”, “Dying Room”, and “Lines Drawn”, are now the standard for Low Twelve’s Splatter Pattern. SO! Get off your ass contact the band and demand they send you this CD it is going to be the best purchase you make so far in 2010.

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