Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brainscab Review=Herod: The Curse Of The King

Dark Harvest Records
Like a ghost riding the flames of redemption Herod steals the soul of those who will listen and shatter those who will not. “The Curse Of The King” is an instrumented master of pure angst driven piece that belongs mounted above your hearth on a long and cold lonely night. Jesse Benkers vocals does not play by any metal rules throughout this production capturing all that are in range of his throat talents. Greg DiPasquale’s lead guitars matches the creative out-put of the vocals bringing a quality of rhythm and strength that, even though unique, blends together naturally. Mike Union on drums and Matt Baclas on bass supports and expands the overall intensity of “Sexuality”, “The Dark Deceiver”, “Genocide Solution”, “The Curse Of The King”, ‘Jagged Visions”, welcomes you to experience this very unique and powerful Quartet of players and their interpretation of metal.

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