Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brainscab Review=Gotham Road: Seasons of the Witch

If ever there was a marriage of the Cults sonic attack and the imagination of horror of the Misfits. Then Gotham Road has done it with Seasons of the Witch. But, Wait! Its more than just a clone of the two bands!!! Its an originality that can be found at a cross-roads of the creativity of these bands and more. “Seasons of the Witch”, “Sidewalk Ends”, “Melts Away”. “Say Something”, “Creo Burn”, “Bits of Skin”, “You Awful Me”, “Attack of the Butterflies”, “ On My Way”, “Drain”, “ All the Cars”, “Bits of Skin (Demo)”, “Say Something (Demo)”, “Creo Burn (Demo)”, “Seasons of the Witch (Demo)”, these 15 tunes clocking in at jut under an hour should be listened to in the darkness of a tomb by candle light just before the stroke of midnite. Get the feeling of the classics in horror and dance with the zombies. “Wait!!!” what is that in the shadows? Is it my imagination or something more sinister…you will never know unless you get “Seasons of the Witch”, from Gotham Road.

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