Thursday, June 25, 2009

BrainScab Reviews = Vociferation Eternity: Best of Vociferation Eternity

Vociferation Eternity: Best of Vociferation Eternity

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This best of composition from Vociferation Eternity is taken from four albums For The (2002), Meadow’s Yearn (1999), Ocean Myth (1996), and Brutal All Stars/Tribute To Search. This catalog of sounds has the strength of evolution of the band and their dark progressive sound. Reminding me that even the mostbrutal of music has a range that is still being explored today, Vociferation Eternity is that and more. With aspects of dark, ambiance, progressive and melodic packaged to give just a taste of 15 tunes in 6 years from this band.Vocals born of darkness and screams of a banshee added for effects that will boll you over. Chant Of sadness, Water Lilith, My Angel, Tragedianne, Seeds Of Love, The Die Is Cast, Ambrosia Grace, Irked, Meadow’s Yearn, Vociferation Eternity, Erotical Romanticism, Ocean Myth, The Lake Pauh Janggi, and the lasttwo being covers from the band Search, Metari Merah Di Ufuk Timur and SergalaSegalanya. You will feel the anguish and pain of both loss and love here for allto listen.

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