Thursday, June 25, 2009

BrainScab Reviews = Blood In The Wire: Blood In The Wire

Blood In The Wire: Blood In The Wire

Not since ORIGIN has Kansas spawned such a brutal band. Helped in production is none other than Vampire Moose’s own Ryan Pullman. Blood In The Wire like those before them pound you relentlessly with all that is metal. Screams, blasts and hyper speed playing are the trade mark of many of the Greats like Vampire Moose, Fear Factory and Napalm Death. This CD takes all of this with an un-matched technical aspect that melts your brain and shatters your spinal cord. Yes fans of extreme and heavy got to get this. How Stella Got Her Groove Back To The Future, Knifewound, Hater, The Lucifer Effect, I Spit On your Grave, Endless, Doctor Heal Thyself, The Massingil Massacre That Occurred Late One Summers Eve, and Krakkrawk.


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