Thursday, June 25, 2009

BrainScab Reviews = Cowboy Prostitutes: Swingin’ At The Fences

Cowboy Prostitutes: Swingin’ At The Fences


These rockers have pulled there sound straight out of the 80’s metal scene that caused the worlds longest party. Anyone who grew up in the 80’s metal scene
knows that it was fun, blurry and one big rush. Swingin’ At The Fences is all that and much more, they show that a sound is timeless and for those who say “Grow Up” and “That They hated those days” Are full of it. One Listen to Cowboy Prostitutes will bring back a freshness that metal has missed since those lost years. Give this a big listen and feel what is coming back into our sites into the future of metal is just a step back to 20 years ago. LA Guns, Jetboy, and Faster Pussy Cat fans ot to get “Swingin’ At The Fences. Rock ‘n’Roll Jail, Dancing on your grave, Pirate Town, Crime City, Down The drain, Just as long, Travelling Band, Pinpoint Eyes, Rise, Roseline and Mr. two timing.

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