Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brainscabs Diagnosis=Seven Thorns: Return to the Past

Nightmare Records
 Seven Thorns, Return to the Past Should be considered the Power Metal Anthem of the year. With all the components from Guitars, drums and epic keys, these seven players plus guests has raised the bar on catchy and powerful metal that all can sink their teeth into.  So, raise your mugs up high and spread your arms wide to the sky for this is Seven Thorns. “Liberty”, “End of the Road”, “Through the Mirror”, “Freedom Call”, “Countdown”, “Forest majesty”, “Spread Your Wings”, “Fires and Storms”, “Return to the Past”, is the guidon of Power Metal for bands and fans to rally to and fight for what they believe in.

Brainscab Diagnosis=Annihilationmancer: The Involution Philosophy

Pure Steel Records
Metal as a challenge is what I say. Annihilationmancer has challenged the threshold of modern metal as we know it. Thrashing to a sound not unfamiliar of days past (Megadeth, Metal Church eg: 80’s era.) but with a freshness of originals in “The Involution Philosophy”.  “Antimateria”, “Etereo”, “The Involution Philosophy”, “Apolide”, “ Impoverishment God Existence” , “ Corner of the Answers”, “ Reflected in her Life”, “ Mind Surrounds the Cavities of Fear”, fills the mind, the soul and the blood with pure METAL that is familiar enough to catch your attention, but original enough to keep searching for more.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brainscab Diagnosis=Virgin Steele: The Black Light Bacchanalia

Steamhammer/SPV Music
Here is a band that has been around for a while and has not lost their passion for doing up a great slice of metal for the fans. Virgin Steele has lead the way in epic, sword and sorcery metal for over a decade. Brining the message of pagan gods and the wars fought for the salvation of man. “By The Hammer Of Zeus”, “Pagan Heart”, “The Bread Of Wickedness”, “In A Dream Of Fire”, “Nepenthe”, “The Orpheus Taboo”, “To Crown Them With Halos”, “The Black Light Bacchanalia”, “ The Torture’s Of The Damned”, “Necropolis”, “Eternal Regret”, all weave a masterful tale blended with classic sound of a “True Metal” band. Iron Maiden, Manowar and Manilla Road are already in your collection! Now is the time to add Virgin Steele!!!
Oh! There is a bonus disc also with “ When I’m Silent”, “Silent Sorrow”, “From A Whisper To A Scream”, that will just keep you listening to “The Black Light Bacchanalia “ for a long time to come in the future.