Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brainscab Diagnosis=Annihilationmancer: The Involution Philosophy

Pure Steel Records
Metal as a challenge is what I say. Annihilationmancer has challenged the threshold of modern metal as we know it. Thrashing to a sound not unfamiliar of days past (Megadeth, Metal Church eg: 80’s era.) but with a freshness of originals in “The Involution Philosophy”.  “Antimateria”, “Etereo”, “The Involution Philosophy”, “Apolide”, “ Impoverishment God Existence” , “ Corner of the Answers”, “ Reflected in her Life”, “ Mind Surrounds the Cavities of Fear”, fills the mind, the soul and the blood with pure METAL that is familiar enough to catch your attention, but original enough to keep searching for more.

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