Monday, April 11, 2011

Brainscab Diagnosis=Demon Boy: Dawn Of The Demon

So, the waiting is over Demon Boy has spawned a five song horror fest “Cemetery Girl”, “I Kissed a Dead Girl”, “Little Red Riding Bitch”, “Pain”, “Ravenous”, all set to raise the dead. With anthem like tunes and telling a story the way Demon Boy can tell it, expect these guys to be heard around the world. Taking over the mantel as the new” Shock Rock” demons, bound to catch you in a visual whirl wind of hard rock and grave yards. With “Dawn Of The Demon “ its October 31st everyday. But that’s not all kiddies there is even a comic book about Demon Boy which is a must have also. There you have it good tunes and reading material too. Not to mention all the other goodies from this band you just need to go and check em out yourself.


  1. Demon boy kicks some fucking ass.

  2. this is the Shit!!!! So climb aboard the train & blow your brain.....