Monday, April 11, 2011

Brainscab Diagnosis=Collapse 7: Doomsday Odyssey

NoiseHead Records
Never has a title to an LP ever defined what the content to said LP brings forth. Collapse 7’s “Doomsday Odyssey” has just brought to my ears 12 tracks of, well! “DOOMSDAY ODYSSEY!” Not painting a pretty future for mankind Collapse 7 tells a tale of fear, hate, and greed and ultimately doom. “Prologue”, “Slow-motion Hell”, “Native Devotion”, “4891”, “Cosmic Grave”, “Doomsday Odyssey”, “Crises Complete”, “Idols of Gold”, “Shades of Death”, “Crawling hate”, “Dead cold Triumph”, “Epilogue”, demonstrate the message of “Doomsday Odyssey”, by Collapse 7 with a style of hyper blasts and raging riffs matched by an angry voice . This is an experience well worth the effort to search out.

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