Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brainscab Diagnosis=Sanctus Infernum: Sanctus Infernum

I have known some of the boys from Sanctus Infernum for some time now in some other local bands in the Wichita, Kansas area. I do believe they have gotten it right with this recording. Slamming out eight creations of dark, heavy, suffering, metal tunes fit just right in my riff leaden hart that craves for more. “Flesh Without Sin”, “God Unto Myself”, “The Journey Back”, “Facing The Black”, “Suffer”, “Waking The Dead”, “What Calm is Without Storm”,  “Let It Be So” will bring you into a world of melodic extremes of raw classical metal. Mark Anderson - Guitar (Grand Facade, Manilla Road), Ricky Vannatta - Vocals (Grand Facade, Chapel of the Eye), Chris Johnson – Drums,  Jason Banks – bass have created a monster sound that needs to be experienced by all fans of heavy.

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