Sunday, March 28, 2010

Brainscab Review=Nailed Shut: Indecent Disposal

Patti (Better known as Tatt2dAngel) sent these guys my way. Of course saying that I never know what to expect to hear, Knowing Patti’s Eclectic taste in music! Nailed Shut is an angry, throw down, ripping and thrashing metal band. Giving no quarter and asking for none these guys blast the listener into the next millennium with a wall of noise that leaves all quacking in the after math. Indecent Disposal consists of these tunes, “ Nailed Fucking Shut”, “Hypocritical Persecution”, “A Hearse Named Desire”, “What Happens In The Graveyard, Stays In The Graveyard”, “Killer Of Killers”, “Cadaverous Canvas”, “Indecisive Divide”, “A Rather Unwanted Gift”. When you give these tunes a spin be prepared to enter into a mosh pit frenzy that will destroy your house, your neighborhood and your town. Nailed Shut is here and drawing blood.

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