Friday, February 19, 2010

Brainscab Review=Hellish Crossfire: Bloodrust Scythe

I Hate Records
Four years ago a thrash monster let loose their first release called “Slaves of the Burning Pentagram”. Hellish Crossfire has now taken their brand of thrash to a new height of raw ugliness. “Bloodrust Scythe” is the new age of thrash for the die-hards of the head banging gender. With 8 whaling throat ripping riff bleeding ear shattering tunes of original thrash that the beer drinking leather wearing oily hair generation needs to keep the banner going. “Night of the Possessed”, “Black Injection”, “… Of Slaying Grounds”, “Into the Old and Evil”, “Orgasmic Rush”, “ Speed Hunter”, “ At the edge of Total Chaos”, “Too Tough to Die”, bring it slam it take it to the gutter Hellish Crossfire is the trash in the streets full of vomit rotten food and a smell of decay. It is a priceless experience to live the life of something that no one wants to see but you will feel in every decimal that “Bloodrust Scythe slams into your being.

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