Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brainscabs Diagnosis=Stala & So:"It is so"

Music By Mail
Wow did you know that these rockers feature members from Lordi and Hanoi Rocks? Now that being Said! Don’t expect the horror fest of Lordi or the Party of Hanoi Rocks. This is a light and energetic , melodic  middle of the road sound with the early seventies influence. “The Show BY SO.”, “Got To Believe”, “One Nite Stand”, “She”, “(Won’t Let You) Down Again”, “Pamela”, “Bye Bye”, “Shout”, “My Happy Day”, “Woman”, “Spring Romance”, “Everything For Money”, “E Major”, are top hit wonders bound for some main stream air. With catchy well played tunes a glam look with a personality. This experience is worth the listen just for the quality of the musicianship alone.

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