Friday, September 23, 2011

Brainscab Diagnosis=Tanatossis: The Darkest Reflections

Have you ever been in a dark, damp and smog filled building where you can’t find your way out? At the same time echoing through the halls is a cacophony of Tanatossis. “The Fall of the Fifth Sun”, “Cholera of the World”, “Addicted To Violence”, “Nuclear Waste”, “Endless Fright”, “Light of my Darkness”, “Fucking Life Goes On”, “Mountain of Water”, “Acid in my Arteries”, “Torturers lullaby”, “Oscura Pasion”, all keep you in that dark, damp place within the walls of “The Darkest Reflections”,  a creation by Tanatossis to keep the hardiest of Thrash Metal alive and well into the next generation.

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