Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brainscab Diagnosis=Skyclad: Prince Of The Poverty Line

Imagine taking the likes of Iron Maiden, Savatage and W.A.S.P. mixing it with a Celtic/Cajun grim sound, thus is created Skyclad. With “Prince Of The Poverty Line”, you will experience the underside of what we label as “Civilization”. When you experience the full throttle of this pure epic power metal outfit you will have an understanding why metal is the only genre of music for the likes of my soul. “Civil War Dance”. “Cardboard City”, “Sins Of Emission”. “Land Of The Rising Slum”, “The One Piece Puzzle”, “A Bellyful Of Emptiness”, “A Dog In The Manger”, “Gammadion Seed”, “Womb Of The Worm”, “The Truth Famine”, all send a message to open our eyes and look past the pretty lights of the city and the scent of blooming flowers in your gardens and see the filth, smell the stench that is man. But, that is not all Skyclad has to offer here! “Brother Beneath The Skin”, Widdershing Jig”, “The Cradle Will Fall”, are also hidden thorns on this LP. “Prince Of The Poverty Line”, is for those wanting their ear candy to be non-politacaly correct and with a bit of attitude then this is it.

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  1. Good Skyclad review, Mr Scabman! This might be the first brain review that i actually already know their tunes.